Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Results of Melbourne Cup Shop Day ....

Heya guys...

Can I just start out by saying after getting pressured into the sweep at work I ended up $75 up! Woo Hoo! Thats my Stakes Day Betting money in check! 

So as you probably read last post I was on a mission on cup day to find my stakes day outfit. Originally I had my eyes set on a particular black lace David Lawrence dress but funnily enough, out of stock! 

I actually ended up trying on heaps of dresses and I had major problems being hemline and many of the colours out there actually did not suit my skin tone and made me look old.... If I see yellow I need to walk away. It just doesn't work. oh and mint green... makes me look old! 

Anyway I was starting to loose patience but I pulled myself together walked into DJ's and decided to just take my time and rummage through every possible rack....

but Horrah! I found something!....

Dress - Table Eight $229.99

Seriously my 'normal' face always looks so angry. I think at this point I'm concerned with the fact that I need need to waste more time (and money) at the shops in the undergarment department to purchase underwear that hikes up to my chest to flatten my stomach lol ....But that said I still bought! 

I ventured to Myer as they had a discount on all millinery .. generally hats don't suit me so I was looking for a clip, headband type thing. 

I tried this on for size... Not for me, as you can tell by the unhappy look on my face...

Triple Flowers on Headband $59.95 
(plus 25% off and a $20 gift card = $24.96 cheap!)

Second one I tried... and we have a winner! I think its pretty cute even if I do say so myself! 

On my way home I thought I would detour to Sydney Road for True Blue Shoes. They have the best sale on at the moment. One pair or shoes for $70 or two pairs for $100! And because I love Tony Bianco its absolute heaven for me! I think most of my shoes are from there! Anyway I found a pair of black pumps but they ran out of my size... I guess it wasn't  to be :(

I took this at home... I really need to master the full body photo... you can hardly see me! I have on my mimco black pumps but I kept thinking about the peep toes I saw at True Blue shoes on Sydney road. 

So here are some more random pictures if your interested....

So you can see the headband properly....

From the Front....

And the back....

As I stewed over not buying the shoes from True Blue I thought I'd have a quick look at the peep toe website. I found these gorgeous things for $49.95! and only my size left! (40 - 9.5) I had to buy! But I think I maybe pushing it to get them by Saturday. Ah well I'm sure I'll find another event to wear them to! 

I have a black Fiorelli clutch which I have had for years! I love it so much.... and I think my outfit is complete with it ... except for the fake tan! 

So I kind of detoured from the full elegant look I wanted to go for... but ah well... Hopefully it all comes together on the day! 

So what do you guys honestly think? Yay or nah? xxx


  1. Looks great Kitty - I like the nude tone of it too!

    UM where are all these great sale websites? I think i need to start researching about them.

    I actually love True Blue, lol - but what a shame they didn't have your size. How are you having your hair?

    - KK

    1. Peep toe stuffed up my order so ill have to wear my back up shoes :(

      I randomly just google brands and see if they have discounts ... So I really stumble across this stuff by fluke!

      As for hair probably no different to most days straight and put to the side I guess .... See how I go ;)

  2. My normal face is angry too! People always ask me why I'm not happy- but that's just me without the smile!! Gorgeous outfit. Have fun at the races (LOVE the headband)

    1. Hi anon!

      Thanks re: outfit! I wore the headband all day and no hurting behind the back of my ears like most headbands yipee!

      Had a great day! And as for the angry face I was strolling thru the supermarket before and cause I'm tired my normal (angry) face was extra bad than usual hehehe

  3. I freaken love those black shoes. They are my ultimate shoe!!! Yes the facinator is a big yes for me. I think you did well and the second one suited you to a tee.
    I love the ruffles on the dress too... its not a prissy ruffle but more of a slight ruffle that looked great on you!

    1. Hi Soph,

      I love the black shoes but I got a call from Peep toe saying the shoes were damaged and they will be refunding my money! Shattered!!! I feel like i'm getting ripped off if i buy them from Myer at $150 or whatever they are marked down to :(