Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Feels like a long weekend... but not quite

Heya Prowlers! 

Its the beginning of November and that means Melbourne Cup weekend! ....which marks our first public holiday in what is the longest stretch of the year without one! and it couldn't come soon enough! 

I don't really have any interested in the Melbourne Cup but I did draw out the favourite in our cup sweep at work. We'll see if I have any luck! My boss pressured me into putting my name into the sweep... If I win I def will be thanking him!

While we're talking races I'm going to Stakes Day this Saturday and I'm pretty excited! I've never been to the races before (well I went to the country races but thats not included), but I'm liking the idea of getting dressed up and drinking most of the day (without sounding like an alco). I plan to hit the shops tomorrow to find a dress (yes I left this a bit late)... but I think I will go classic. I really like this David Lawrence black lace dress. Yes I have a thing for David Lawrence. I used to think its totally for my mum but there are some really beautiful classic dresses that I can't help but like! 

David Lawrence - Sleeveless Lace Lady Dress with Grosgrain Trim $229 

Last Friday after work I thought I'd attempt to dress shop at Highpoint after work. Far out all the dresses are so short! A lot of you lovely ladies can get away with this, but at the moment I cannot! (even thought I still try to as you will see below). So as I gave up on the races dress shopping ... I did find these two at Sportsgirl. Note my poor photography and the lack of showing the detail of the dresses... but hopefully you get the idea! 

Love this dress... and I'm never really into the Midi length. I should take better photos.

Printed Floaty Day Dress $48.95 (Damn it I paid $69.95 ripped off!)
As you can see this is rather short, and its got the whole Hi - Lo thing going on, which is good at the back for me! I have it on now. So comfy! 

So Pani came to visit on Saturday night... and we ventured to Dan Murphy's for a decent stash of Moscato. 

I had to have this Moscato, I mean how cute are the bottles! 

Pani in charge of our stash! Can I just say the guy at Dan Murphy's was so helpful.. although he did recommend a $4 bottle which made me laugh.. what the hell! Did we look like cheap drunks?! 

Anyway so we got home and realised, as the weather was hot, that all we needed for dinner was oysters and wine. We always go to Esca Grill.. Why you say! because its so damn good! We wanted to try something new, but I have no idea about any good seafood restaurants, and whatever we googled sounded so dodgy! So Esca Grill it was... 

Oysters kilpatrick are the bomb! You non oyster eaters get on this! 

No flash.. good one Pani! haha

Esca Grill have this awesome Moscato on their wine list, but Dan Murphy's doesn't have it which surprises me. Anyway its by Montevecchio ... if you love sweet wine, you'll love it! 

I couldn't be bothered dealing with drunken idiots on Saturday night so we didn't last long! But next Sat I'll probably be one of them.. haha

On Sunday Mez and I went to visit Jkats and a few other for a BBQ. It was great to catch up... I think I held a child for the longest in my life. I don't quite know what to do! I think I do like kids, but I don't know how to act around them. I'm quite pathetic like that! I guess I'll get used to it with a few of my friends with children running around! 

I made the bestest dinner tonight! Mussels with White Wine and Garlic. THE BOMB! Healthiest dinner, and delicious. I have a thing for seafood. 

I nearly cried today when Mez told me about her wedding dress disaster,  I can't handle people crying, it just makes me cry. Then I appear heartless as I run off from the situation because I don't want to end up full sobbing. I'm hopeless like that! I told her that the memories can't be taken, and that she looked amazingly beautiful in the dress, but in all honesty I'm kind of heart broken for her. There was so much effort that went into that dress.. not only was it sentimental because of the memories of the special day but Mez created that design herself....its got that extra bit of love put into it hehe. I'm glad she had that day to rock the most beautiful dress I've seen!  

I shall post soon re: possible dress for races! If you have any recommendations for dresses that suit what I'm looking for def let me know! 

Hope you have a great Melbourne Cup day.. and maybe even pick a winner! 


  1. If the $4 Moscato the guy recommended was Gossips Sweet Lips it is actually really nice for such a cheap wine - the girls at my work are obsessed with it.

    I love the lace dress you posted, it's so simple & classy. I hope you can find it in store. The hi-low dress looks great also. :)

    1. Yes! That's the wine!!! I feel like 16 year olds would dump their passion pop for it hehe it actually was surprisingly alright!

      Yes trying not to get my hopes up about the dress! I'm off to the shops today... Hopefully ill fare well xx