Sunday, 28 October 2012


Hi All!!! 

I have been a horrible blogger of late! 

All I have been doing is being locked up in my apartment studying and eating. These two are a terrible combo! 

Friday was my exam and I have never felt so sick after a exam before... I studied so bloody hard and I thought I would of walked out feeling so good about it! I am really worried about it and trying to distract myself from thinking about it. So I plan to distract myself from stewing about it as much as possible! 

So apart from the exam little much has been happening... But i'll try to fill you in anyway...

A few weeks ago we had a lunch and drinks thing for work... I love this picture of myself (how vain do I sound haha) except for the massive bags under my eyes! Awful! 

My forever new necklace broke but one of the guys at work fixed it for me! Horray... Thats the thing with junk jewelry, not exactly durable. 

I also wore this OPI polish - Coney Island Cotton Candy! I originally bought it for my mum, but actually thought it would make her look washed out so I kept it myself. Loving it! One of the best neutrals I have! (The pink pedal faster suzi has a bit of shimmer in it, and I'm not 100% on it.. )

And what I wore, Forever new jacket and necklace, Basque black peplum top, and bettina liano jeans. 

Anyway the point is that we literally drank and ate allll day, and when it got to 5pm mez and I were done! I didn't even have energy to keep a conversation up. Although I had this random impulse to go to the shops after... which I did, and suddenly it hit me to just go home and I ran to the closest taxi and went home... It was such a weird afternoon. 

Mez guilt tripped me into going to the races in a few weeks with work... stakes day i think?? I have never been to the races... well once, to the country races, but that doesn't count! I am kinda excited to get dressed up but I feel like I've left my options to the last minute. I found some good dresses online, but I don't know what to do ... risk buying and not knowing the size or just try on stuff here and know it will be fine. 

Online shopping is quite tricking in that regard... quite obviously I am on the 'bigger' side so finding clothes can be a bit of a challenge for my body shape. Things will fit my hips but not my top, and visa versa depending on the cut. Sometimes I wish I had my own stylist... my own body shape confuses me! haha My chest is a major issue... they are huge at the moment! lol and its not a good thing! It makes clothes look ridiculous,... ahh well!  I guess I am a little delusional and still think I have the same body as I did a few years ago ahahha just silly... but anyway I'm sure I'll find a dress I love! 

This weekend wasn't mega exciting ... although Pani did come to visit. It reminds me that we have to start planning what we want to do for new years. We have no idea what to do! We have had several new years eve's at the Docklands but they have been really terrible. Dodgy crowds, disappointing venues. We were thinking of maybe getting a hotel room somewhere .... See what happening in Stkilda or something. Maybe riva? Not actually sure what is happening. We don't want to leave our options to the last minute like always ... really limits your choices! Do you guys have any ideas? 

Will try and keep more up to date.. Hope you all had a great weekend!!! :) 


  1. Yay you're back!

    I love that photo of you too.. like I mentioned on Insta you have the best eyebrows!

    Oh you would of aced your exam all the hardwork will be def paying off.. have faith!!

    Personal stylist - dont we all wish that hahaha!


  2. Thanks hol... Nice of you to say!

    I actually looked up Doncaster Westfield stylists today... I seriously want some proper help haha

  3. NOOOOO take me with you... I am the best at finding outfits for people. People wont take shopping with them because I inflict too much damage on them monetary wise haha .If you really want to go one step more. My friend is a stylist that I live with and shes also a makeup artist. So if you really want she can come along.
    Agree with Holly that you have the best eyebrows ... mine are so thin and bleghhhh

    1. I would feel so inadequate in your household... all you fashionistas hehe I may resort to your help though...we'll see how i go during the week finding a dress!

      Thanks about the eyebrows! I'm happy with their shape at the moment... finally! xxx