Thursday, 4 October 2012

Heya guys! 

I just switched on Brynne... Hilarious! Who am I kidding, she is living the life and I would too with all that mullah! and let me tell you, this blog would be damn more entertaining haha Although I do question her fashion choices... but eh, who am I to judge! 

Not much happening around here. A few months ago, I put a little crop jacket and peplum dress on layby for work. My layby is up, and now I'm not sure if I even want them! They are cute... but there are sales around, and buying anything full price seems a little cray cray! And... as I write this post I just found the dress on the discount list! 

David Lawrence - Peplum Ottoman Dress $229 now $179
The dress I got is actually a magenta colour with a black belt. I'm questing if I really want it... What are your thoughts?

David Lawrence - Collarless Pique Crop Jacket $229 
I think I'll keep this, I love a crop jacket. And the neutral colour means it will go with practically anything! 

I'm getting my hair done on Saturday. I wanted to change it but now I'm going to just run with what the hairdresser says.. I think she did a good last time so I trust her. In addition I have been  rocking the curls again. Sometimes I just cant be bothered blow drying then straightening my hair. Its hard work I tell you! Although I do love the results but you know what is like, before work I value sleep over getting up for the hair straightener. 

In addition I just ate Pad Thai that was filled with whole chillies with seeds! Bloody hell,.... that was a world of fire! Never ever again! My tummy is not appreciating it either let me tell you that much lol (I don't know how that makes this blog post - thats as exciting as my life gets). 

Thanks for your good messages last post while I ranted over Mr.X! You are all so so right! I did speak to Pani during the week, and it made me feel so much better! Sometimes you just need to vent to a friend who understands where you are coming from. I think sometimes my friends that are taken forget what its like living the single life ... and I don't mean that in a bad way at all! Its just that they are all about 'just get rid of him' and 'don't waste your time' but I feel like i'm 29 and should I be so quick to just not even give people a chance?  I mean, I'm not perfect either... maybe I need to work on some things too. Ultimately, I know they are right , but sometimes it feels like its easy for them to say as they go home to their other half. and I'm not saying being with someone isn't hard work either, its just that sometimes it feels they forget what it can be like being a singleton! I guess thats whats good about having friends at all different stages in life... always another perspective about a situation but I love them all! Far out such rambling! 

I'm so looking forward for my exam to be over... It will be done by the end of the month (26th to be exact!) ... then freedom. I feel I should bribe myself to pass with some sort of shopping expedition  Maybe I should put a proposal to my mum.. a extra christmas pressie? lol I sound so greedy! But I need to see a reward for the trouble... and the problem is I am a material girl ... (you know how it goes)

For the weekend I noticed the weather is going cold again (boo!)... I'll be in Gtown and then back up here for some study time. I think to aid my healthy eating I need to hit the market as well! I want some tasty fresh fruit and veg... and the best I've had is from the organic section at the vic market. Sometimes the food looks not as shiny but man its so much tastier! 

Well I'm off to watch another tragic show to get addicted to (beauty and the geek)... have a great upcoming weekend y'all :) 


  1. hahah I watched Brynne too!! I feel sorta bad for her as shes just beginning her life really.. shes 29 and wants kids.. he doesnt show alot of interest in that! but I dont feel sorry for her shoe collection.. $3K in shoes and paid in CASH ah my lifes over.


    1. LOL thats whats funny about it. Her reality is that $3k in cash for shoes is no biggie, in ours, thats some hard 9-5 working to get that kind of spending power haha

      Yes the age is def an issue when it comes to kids. He didn't say much, and when he did, he seemed rather abrupt and rude. very odd!

  2. I wish I had that kind of money at my disposal for my wardrobe! Jealous of that.
    I really quite like the peplum dress, I say keep it. And that jacket, if you don't want it, I'll have it! I'm in love. You HAVE to keep it. As you said it's neutral and will go with everything. Good taste. :)

    1. Hahaha I think I am def sold on the jacket... Dress still in limbo about! I'm sure ill let u know what I decide after I hit the shops :)

  3. I didn't watch Brynne but I will see if I can find the episode somewhere!I love the david L dress! I want to see a pic of you in it! Haha in the uncreepiest way ever.
    Ohhh what have you decided on your hair!?

  4. Hey Sophie...

    I actually didn't pick up the dress... but I did however take home the crop jacket though!

    My hair... well I think I'll stick with the foils.. but will probably just trust my hair dresser. I guess we'll soon find out haha