Monday, 8 October 2012

Horray for Haircolour!

How was everyone's weekend? I hope it was good, even though the weather was a little sour for my liking! 

After my adventure on Friday night, I woke up eagerly for my trip to Geelong! More importantly to visit Trudy @ Tower Hill Hair Design to get my hair done! Horray! I don't know about you, but I love getting my hair done. You know what I love the most (without sounding creepy) is the head massage lol (love ya work trudes haha)! I was a little unsure about the colour thing at the start (if you dont follow me this was my second hair colour experience) - I am used to my natural colour so much that having foils freaked me out a bit. But I must admitt, I have grown to really like them! Especially when my hair is curled! Anyway I was contemplating going an all over one colour, but I just let Truds do what she does best... and here are the results!... I actually like it! I probably wouldn't want to go any lighter than this.... But that said, I thought I would hate foils and I ended up liking them so really I don't know what i'm talking about haha I think I will just let Trudy do what she wants until I feel like I am confident that I've found something I really would love to do (if that makes sense). I must admitt I am still interested in trying an one all over colour but I'm happy to try a few things first! 

I dont' have make up in these pictures so give me a break please hehe... it was a lazy sunday what can I say! I am interested to see how this looks in a few weeks... and how it looks when I have my hair curled. Will keep you posted! Also I going to keep growing it , I have never had ultra long hair, and I probably wont get it super long, but I do want to at least give it a shot! 

After the hair, I went home to visit the parentals. They never change... probably why everyone loves home so much! I thought I better go and see my Babcia (grandma in polish) -- Dad went to bunnings to get her some stuff for the garden while I hung out with her! She is a crack up.. I don't think I ever see her not in the kitchen! It just so happens she had just cooked up a batch of capusta ... this is a polish staple haha (its literally cabbage) as per below.... 

Okay it looks non appetizing but its pretty yum!... hrmm well maybe if your bred with the stuff its tasty.. lol its onion and a bit of bacon fried off with the cabbage and some form of chick pea... I think! Honestly who knows what surprises are in there... maybe best I didn't know lol Anyway so we just chatted for a while. I have noticed lately babcia has got lazy with her english, and just rambles on in polish and cuts back to english. I get the jist of what she is saying, and she always says 'see you know what I mean I don't need explain' but it kind of worries me a bit. Makes me realise she is getting older... kinda freaks me out but wiping it from my mind! Babcia is just how you expect a grandparent to be... just wants to spoil you! 

So after that Mum and I went to a little cafe for coffee and cake... I feel sorry for mum sometimes... we have been overrun with men in the household for too long. This weekend, for once it was dad outnumbered as my brothers weren't around! So we just rambled on about girlie rubbish as you do....

Before I left I decided to catch up with Pani for dinner. It was good to see her, and we went to this little thai restaruant in Geelong West - which I totally forget the name (but if your from geelong its right next to witchery!) Anyway we shared satay chicken, some oyster sauce beef and veg and coconut rice. It was fresh and delish... all up including a couple of non alco drinks was $50 so really inexpensive. I did however order an ice tea- but didn't expect it to be full authentic .... 

Weird nice... maybe an acquired taste hehe ...
So we just chatted for a few hours and then went to her place to do a little research for new years. Our past new years celebrations have been a little disappointing, so we are really hoping not to make a repeat of it! I dunno, maybe we should just go to a random club and put the money towards a girls weekend away somewhere? If there are any events that you guys hear are going to be awesome let me know! We have been to Docklands a few times and all were awful. H20 event was yuk, then another one we chose had no people ... and a few years before that we went to this venue that didn't have enough staff to cater the bar so drinks took forever! One of my favourite new years was at the point! I wonder if they are doing anything this year ... hrmmmm.....

Anyway so I thought I'd take a few pictures comparing my eyebrows without and with my new brow kit I bought from Benefit. 

So I did the left eyebrow and left the right el-natural... I think it makes a big difference. 

This is the final product... Although my eye looks crosseyed lol damn camera angles messing with me! I am looking forward to doing my makeup for a night out! 

I took today and tomorrow off for study... I hope to do a fair bit more tomorrow as today I got sidetracked with stupid stuff like finding music! (I am loving Kayne west presents G.O.O.D music - Cruel Summer). Here is a picture of me in all of my maria-ness in my study attire.... Unfortunately my roots catch up with me even though I try to fight them off hahaha 

...Yes that is an adidas jacket, but I maintain this is allowed as its not silky lol 

Hope you had a good Monday.. and that daylight savings didn't mess you around in the morning too much! Just think, light when you get home from work.. HORRAY! 


  1. Wish I looked that great without makeup.
    I love your new do.
    I agree, eyebrows totally frame a face.

    1. Hi lib,

      haha no make up just makes me look so tired!

      Thanks about the hair! X

  2. I love the new hair.. see it turned out alright in the end :P

    eyebrows make a face i agree!! x

    1. Haha thanks!!! Probably over thinking the colour thing... Should just have fun with it!

      I'm happy with the brows.. Just hope I get a repeat performance next time I go there! X

  3. I love the new hair, the foils look great. I'm sure it will look amazing curled. The eyebrow kit was so worth it, they look so good!

    1. Thanksss! I'm pretty happy with it!

      The brow kit is awesome, good little investment I must say! X

  4. An Adidas jacket is STILL an Adidas jacket, Maria.

    I think I will buy that Benefit brow kit. Is it the gel that you are using?

    1. damn it, u saw right thru my justification for the Adidas jacket lol

      No gel here.... The kit has wax on one side and powder on the other. So outline and fill in with wax, then go over with the powder (I am the worst at explaining sorry). I think one thing I need is a eyebrow brush, which sounds odd, but would sort out my overpowder issues hehe

  5. YAYYYY I love it!
    LOVE the brows and yes the frame the face!
    I think the colour you got done too also lifts your face and makes your face more feminine ( not that it wasnt before )

    PS. You are going to laugh. I have that tracksuit Jacket. Don't worry we can wear them together with our hoop earrings!

    1. Thanks!!!!!

      Soph ur a bad influence... Encouraging my Maria ways!! Haha xx