Thursday, 27 December 2012

and so this is Christmas...

I'm devo... Christmas is over! 

Sunday 23rd we all went to our Grandma's place for Christmas lunch. Its the good old tradition fare, from turkey, ham, cheesy cauliflour to trifle, fruit salad, pav and pudding. I was proud of myself, I didn't go too crazy with the food. I viewed this as my stomach starter... as I had two massive days to follow. 

My cousins have had their own children now, so it was so much fun watching them tear open their presents.... and their responses with "wowww mum look at this!!!" ... how good were those days just totally oblivious to the Christmas stress! 

Christmas Eve I woke with the worst hayfever ever! I looked ridiculous with my puffy eyes and nasily voice hehe I hoped that the telefast kicked in so I looked half okay for our Polish Christmas. After rushing around all day, and having a quick nap I was ready for the night ahead. It was good to see my brothers and their gf's all in the one place - we are all so busy these days, we never get a chance to catch up and have a laugh. As you would know from my previous post, Babcia and I had done a lot of prep for the night ahead.. so it was good to see the final product getting eaten (and no complaints). 

Presents were exchanged and I got my favourite Lychee candle, yipee! Great timing as I've used mine all up. My cousin is awesome, she got me this decorative tree. My cousin said she remembered how much I loved my aunties xmas tree from last year so here is my own little wooden version.. perfectos for apartment living (unlike my 6 footer haha). 

We all hung out at babcia's for hours joking and talking rubbish before everyone left, exhausted, as we were about to back this up for Christmas day lunch! 

Christmas Day and my brother woke me up ... he was ready to open the pressies together before he left for the coast with his girlfriend. I got a perfume I'd have my eye on for ages... Thanks Santa! 

As one brother left, another one arrived, and off we went to my aunties for more awesome food. We were well and truly done by the end of the day, all laying on the couches like we've run a marathon (aka food coma). 

I ended up spending boxing day and today in geelong, relaxing, watching trashy jersey shore repeats and movies. Its funny how being at mum and dad's is always home, no matter where you actually live! 

I have had a look through instagram today, and was shocked to see the present hauls people received (as in adults, not children). People really do go all out! Or do we (my family) not really get into the pressie exchanging enough? Your thoughts..

Before I forget I got a few things I wanted to try while I did a last minute Christmas shop last Saturday. 

I tried this... I like it but just not dark enough. If i had a undercoat of something and then the bronzer on the top I'd be happy. But not bad for $9.95! 

Okay so I got this tacky grape scented polish from Sportsgirl for $7.95.. Turns out I love it! The colour is awesome for a cheapy. Unfortunately even with a good quality top coat it doesn't really last.. had to reapply after 2 days. I really loved it against my black David Lawrence dress so can't complain. and yes it does have a scent... although more bubblegum than grape! 

Anywho, hope your Christmas was awesome!... What did you do? Is anyone away on holidays? I don't think I've done a proper xmas holiday is years...


  1. Yay! I agree though all this hype for one day and then its over... haha but I'm still recovering from all my food intake. Sadly its not over for me yet haha..

    The grape colour does suit you! x

    1. Yeah I like it too! Will give it for of a run over the Summer holidays ;)

      Hope u had a great new year xxx

  2. I just recently purchased the grape scented polish from sportsgirl and it turned my nails, and my sisters nails yellow :(

    1. What! Yellow! That's terrible!

      I def didn't have that problem but that said I only had it on for a few days so maybe that helped?