Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas preparations and celebrations

Hey guys! 

Friday was our work Christmas party ... my plan was as follows, cab to train station in morning, train to work, get ready for party at work and take a cab home at nights end. Unfortunately my plan turned out to be waiting for a cab for 45mins in the drizzle humid weather - my freshly washed hair officially reached boof status in 10mins. I was NOT happy! After a train and tram ride I got to work at 10:15 - I should of been there by 8:45... Let me tell you I was cranky and looking rather dishevelled haha 

This is me pointing out the obvious fact my hair is not straight! Ignoring that part (and the fact I have no make up on at this point) I wore my new David Lawrence dress as well as my neutral tony bianco pumps which have faired well for me! 

The party was at One Fitzroy Street in StKilda.. was a great spot as we had lots of bars around us for a longer night out if we wanted. Turns out most piked it by midnight - I think the weather really knocked everyone around a bit. Nevertheless a good time had by all! My KK was awesome though, I got this little four pack... someone knows me a little too well! 

Can't wait to crack open these sparkling moscatos! :)

I was majorly drained by the end of the night, but Mez was kind enough to drive me home... especially because its so out of her way! Honestly I was relived by this, the thought of waiting for a cab would make me go insane! 

Saturday I had the best sleep in! I really could of sleept all weekend, but I had to get up and get things done before Sunday as I was off to Geelong. 

I am determined to learn the polish traditional cooking for in the future. I spent all Sunday with Babcia cooking mountains of Perogie. If you don't know what they are basically can be described as our version of dumpling... or as I like to call them, giant tortellini! Perogies can be meat filled, vegetable filled - usually potato, or even filled with berries as a dessert. Babcia and I made over 200 of them... meat filled with her special recipe. I think every family has their own version! Anyway these are the results.... 

These little ones go in our traditional mushroom soup

This was the start of our first batch... this went on for hours! 

We celebrate Vagilia which is on Christmas Eve and we make these especially for it- although this is just for starters... not to mention babcia's famous cabbage rolls and fish starters. Makes me feel full just thinking about it!

After all this cooking, I got home and ended up making a huge batch of truffles for people at work on Sunday night. Usually I make lolly bags, but I thought truffles are always a winner! 

By the time I got back to Melbourne I was so damn tired, and glad for a good nights sleep. I feel like I've been trying to catch up all week! 

What are your Christmas traditions? I wonder if I have any polish readers that also celebrate Vagilia......or something similar?


  1. Oh you're friday sounded like mine! I was running late for work bcos I had to run to the chemist on Bay street to get some tablets and run back home to give them to D before work... needless to say my hair that I had perfectly blow waved the night before was now looking something simliar to being electrocuted due to the rain and humidity! I also had my xmas party later that day... needless to say I gave up on the hair haha.

    That polish food looks delish! I dont really have any nationality/cultural traditions..

    Ps: you look amaze in your dress! x

    1. As soon as I knew humid weather was coming, i was dreading it! Seems you well and truly feel my pain!!

      Thanks re: the dress. its pretty comfortable, and cute! i was already cranky about my hair so at least the dress worked out for me haha

  2. Haha, wow I never knew you were Polish, you have quite an Italian look about you! Nonetheless, I am charmed to see another Pole going through the ritual motions that Wigilia entails- ie. the massively time-consuming process of pierogi making. My Mum has been stock piling mushrooms and I already know what all day Sunday (or should that be Saturday actually!) will be all about! The food is super yummy though- if not rather heavy ;-)

    Lovely dress by the way!

    1. Horray a polish reader! and your a Kasia as well!

      Everyone always guesses that I'm Italian!I don't look like a typical polak.

      Food is def all heavy, but i love the tradition! hahaha @ stockpiling mushrooms,... I often go to a local polish deli to gather all those sorts of things for babcia!

      Thanks re: the dress! I will def get lot of use out of it during the xmas season!