Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Stupid things make me laugh...

I've been seeing the oddest stuff lately while driving. Just flat out randomness. 

I think it was Monday... or was it Tuesday (well regardless what day it was) I was stuck at a big intersection in South Melbourne as it pelted down with rain. I look up and there was this random guy just pushing a huge BBQ across the street which had been attached to a skateboard so he could drag it along. I'm confused as to why you would a- transport a BBQ via skateboard b- do this at peak hour and 3 - on the wettest day we've had in ages.

Then this morning I was stuck on the freeway and as I looked around to looking next to me and some guy pulled out one of those long old school combs, and started grooming himself. It cracked me up. Just reminded me of Happy Days. I'm such a creep. Whenever I'm stuck in traffic I look at what the people around me are doing. I love watching people belting out a tune and if they catch you seeing them they go red hehe 

Ohhh andddd on the way home tonight there was a person's number plate that said POOCAR. I'm not going to lie, this made me laugh. Someone paid good money to change their plate to that. Why?! I don't understand! 

Anywho, this afternoon at work I was trying to make the guy that sits next to me understand how much I love lipgloss. I pulled out all my glosses from my handbag, and we did a quick calculation of their total. Lets just say I nearly died... but the funniest part was, after he saw my reaction, he said seriously as a solution...  "I dunno maybe you can just change to chapstick". I laughed so hard. He clearly doesn't know me. AT ALL. That said I did google chapstick and a 3 pack in a tin came up.Its kind of cute, and cheap. Apparently I should be expecting this as my KK gift this year hahaha

I'm so tired I'm speaking jibberish... apologies for the time you took to read this post that you won't ever get back haha.... nite nite :)


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