Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Holidaying Bali Style

Hey Guys! 

I got back from Bali on Tuesday morning (3rd Sep) which was an experience to say the least. I had never traveled overseas before and had no idea what to expect, and lets just say massive culture shock! 

I don't know what the hell I was expecting, and probably I was a little naive to think that Bali was just like here! I honestly found it dirty, and although the people were friendly, the hawkers just drove me completely insane. Just shows I really have no worldly experience... because I freaked the first few nights! Note to self, next time before you holiday do some research so you know what your getting yourself into! Our accommodation was dated and a bit on the dodgy side as well, but thankfully the pool area was good which saved it! 

On the upside, I really LOVED the weather, which means I could waste time by the pool everyday! I love swimming and some days I just couldn't drag myself away. I also loved the resorts and amazing restaurants by the beach. We had a day trip to the standard touristy stuff like the rice fields and volcano - the landscape is just so different to home, and so beautiful. As for our accommodation we were lucky enough to get upgraded which made things a whole lot better! 

I posted a stack of pictures on instagram (have a sticky beak @KITTY1983) -- here are a few places that I loved! 

1- Jimbarin Bay 

I had been told by everyone that this is a must do, picture beautiful seafood while you relax on the beach watching the sunset. As our driver pulled into the car lot I was not feeling it AT ALL! Thank goodness Pani had a place on her must do list which was the restaurant part of the four seasons called Sundara. I loved everything about this place! This picture below is from our table - we relaxed on the day beds that you can see after dinner with our drinks. We did not have long enough here, awesome place! 

2 - Ayana Resort + Rock Bar 

Pani and I decided to spend the afternoon at Ayana's day spa. The resort arranged transport to and from at no cost which was great as we were staying in Legian. I opted for a massage and manicure - both were fantastic. Afterwards we took a golf buggy ride to the rockbar - luckily we had priority entry as the line was quite long, and the sun was really beating down! I took this photo in the cable cart on the way down to the Rockbar... it really was impressive, except for the fact we were sweating like we'd run a marathon from the sun! 

Yummy snacks.... curly chips and popcorn chicken... we also had some soba noodles that I thought were delicious! 

The sun setting was a beautiful sight! 


Another of the 'must do' places in Bali. I would of much preferred to stay in Seminyak but thats the beauty of hindsight hey! Many of the places I liked most were around here. Anywho instead of just drinks at Kudeta, we opted to have dinner  - the food was so good! 

These were our entrees ... I had the pasta with softshell crab (I think!) and it was delish! 

As we sat out in the open, by the evening, there was little light on our table. By the time the mains came out we could not even see our meals - luckily the waiter had a small torch on hand. The only downer to this place! 

4 - W Hotel + Resort

Now this is how I like to travel... in style!... the W hotel in Seminyak is amazing. On our last full day we decided to visit the Away Spa (part of the Whotel). The spa had all the latest and greatest amenities, including impressive massage rooms. They have really thought of everything there, the even had a tablet/ipad in the floor so you can look at something while you enjoy your massage... thats if you don't doze off!  

I took a few pictures of the resort - I did try my best! 

The daybeds looking onto the beach ... 

If you don't want to lounge out in the sun on the daybeds, maybe the couches around the restaurant is more your thing?

Starfish Bloo restaurant part of the resort was a bit of a let down. The food was OK - it was about getting several plates to share. But nothing was overwhelmingly good. Pity because the setting was amazing. 

5 - Potato Head and Petitenget

Yes if you have been to Bali Potato head is probably one place you have been! Impressive building with a huge amount of day beds around the pool. We headed there for lunch before we walked around the beach for literally 5 mins to get to the W hotel. 

The building wraps around a lawn, with day beds and pool along the front overlooking the beach. We sat back in our part of the international restaurant tucking into our huge burgers. 

Petitenget, also in Seminyak was another great little restaurant. 

Once you take away the bread sticks, this salad was yum! The deep fried cheese definitely made it! 

All in all , Bali can be what you want it to be. You can live the high life or really get among the locals! Have you visited Bali (I feel like the only Australian that hadn't been there before)... how did you like it? 

Since being at home though, I have been getting the worst tummy pains! I have had the last two days off work and took myself to the docs to suss out the situation. I am now on a diet that majorly consists of bananas and yogurt - good times for me! Hopefully its just holiday hangover, and my body just getting back on track... well I hope! 

Meanwhile I have been thinking about travel destinations that I'd love to take. I was once obsessed with going to the Greek Islands, but for some reason thats strayed from my mind and I keep obsessing about New York. I even think about travelling around the UK. I guess I have some time to think about it before I can afford to go to either! 

What are some great destinations to visit for a limited experience traveler? I feel like I need to get my toes wet before I get right on in there! hehe 


  1. BALI BELLY STRIKES AGAIN. You can't go to Bali without become sick as a dog.

    Thought I told you that Bali is filthy.

    Get to the good stuff already, such as - any holiday romances?!

    1. Tell me about it! EWWW!

      lol I have no good stuff, apart from relaxing and being a veg. Not much prowling around for kitty lol

  2. Someone has the travelling bug... lets hope you dont have a literal travel bug lol..

    Oh wow! I didn't realise it was your first Overseas holiday! and yes, it would have been a massive Culture shock! Did you research at all?! Lol

    I've actually never been to Bali - although I have been to Thailand which I assume is quite similar in various ways. Happy to hear Seminyak is lovely - My sister is going there in October and she wasn't sure she made the right decision.

    It really depends on what you would like however i'd probably Suggest New York for your next destination. It's kind of similar but different - but not too different where you are completely out of your element. AWESOME shopping (well I think so)good food and cute cafes and wonderful landmarks. It's also CHEAP. So if you can get a good price on a return ticket, you don't have to save THAT much.

    Even with limited exeperience, you can't go wrong with Europe. You don't need to have "worldly" experience to go there and it's just amazing. Greek Islands (Mykonos & Santorini in Particular) Along with Paris are my most favourite cities I've ever been too! I can't even begin to articulate how amazing they are!! Although, everyone is different. When people tell me they didn't like Paris or Mykonos - I AM SO CONFUSION!!!! Scratching my head confusion! I think because we didn't encounter anyone rude and they were all so friendly!

    ANYWHO - Maybe you should still have Greek Islands on the front of your mind ;) Unfortunately the Downsides are that it's quite expesnive to get there and also accom if you want to stay anywhere decent.
    but oooooooooooh so worth it!!!!!!!!

    Glad you had a good Holiday :)

    1. Heyyyyy!

      Thanks so much for the suggestions... I will be taking them on board as your a seasoned traveller hehehe

      People tell me Thailand is better but I'm thinking in the end it's all along the same line.

      Yeah I wouldn't mind doing a few weeks in NY and then planning a proper holiday for Europe.... Okay you have def put the Greek islands back on my agenda haha.

      I'm sure your sis will have a ball in seminyak as most of the better bars and restaurants are around there! Xxx