Thursday, 12 September 2013

Shopping Rampage

Okay so I come back from Bali cashed up, basically I found the shopping terrible! The only things I bought were some body shop stuff, and this classic Chloe wallet. In hindsight I probably should of bought it online as I did overpay, but eh... I do really love it, and I'm glad its in my hands! Courtesy of the Galleria duty free mall in Bali. 

I adore this wallet, its big enough to fit all my rubbish in it. I can even get my phone in there! Yippeeee! 

I once again have gone lipstick/gloss crazy. I can't stop myself, I hang out at makeup counters like a bad smell, maybe I do have a problem?! I literally bought a stack a few months ago and nearly all are run out, and I bought 3 new ones being YSL, Dior and MAC. 

Anywho one of my latest favourites is Candy Yum Yum lipstick by Mac. I tracked it down in Geelong and I was so excited because the Myer in the city had sold out! 

I have this colour in mind with just a plain black dress. The colour is awesome I love it! 

Last Friday night I took my time trying on dresses in Myer for ages! There were so many beautiful dresses in for Spring - I was like a kid in a candy shop! But my main task was to get a couple of work dresses as I'm not really feeling my work wardrobe at the moment! 

I bought this David Lawrence dress because its just classic. Simple and comfy, its the perfect work attire. 

The material is a Navy Blue, and really lightweight. 

I also bought this Leona Edmiston dress... she has some awesome flattering styles. Just gotta try them on and suss it out yourself. I know this dress isn't to everyone's liking, but its really comfortable and you feel really feminine in it. 

Fancy a mecca maxima bag sitting there in the background haha

Talking about Mecca, its no secret that its my fav shop! Before I went to Bali I stocked up on illuminator, tinted moisturiser and the like. My makeup collection now has a lot of NARS products - obviously Meccas influence. But I really do want a few foundation. Out of everything I've updated, I just can't let go my revlon photoready. I love it, it lasts all day and has awesome coverage. But I burn through the bottles, and wonder if I should take the plunge and trial a few new foundations. Do you have any recommendations - its just gotta be long wearing! I hate getting to 5pm and realising all of my makeup has come off! 


  1. Replies
    1. You should of seen me sussing through the racks ... You would be proud!

  2. Hello Kitty! This is my new blog! I still dont have a user name so you're going to have to guess who I ammmmmmm! hehe kidding :)

    I love coming back from a holiday c ashed up - although it hasn't happened THAT much. Maybe once. LOL

    LOVE all your purchases! Very flatterig. I'm actually trying to find a lipstick that I can wear everyday that as a reddish colour to it but doesn't look too much. I dont think I can wear pinkish colours though - So doesn't suit me. LOVE the Chloe Wallet!

    In regards to the foundation - I guess it depends what type of Skin you have?

    1. Hey mouchachous (or however you spell it lol),

      Yay I was wondering where you were hiding...

      You know what, you totally rock a red! I so can't which annoys me because I love the look of a classic chanel red lipstick! Everyday colours are hard to find sometimes because they can be a bit dull... I guess its just trial at the makeup counters in the city to find see what they have. I've been to Mac a few times and explained to them what I want and they manage to find a match or at least something that matches my tone which is pretty good!

      I have just normal skin... Not really oily nor dry. That said sometimes can react to certain products. I like getting trial pots first just to Suss out if it agrees with me or not.

      Oh yes loving my purchases too! Xxxx

  3. I love love love your new dresses! They look gorgeous and are so flattering.. The pink lippy is awesome too.. and hey, if you'd run out of lippy then really you NEEDED to buy new ones. ;)

    1. Thanks!!! I like them too, I think I'll slowly chip away at changing my work dresses. Time to update I think.

      ... and I think thats my problem, you don't need to purchase more when you have so many half finished lol I'm a shocker!

  4. Oh no, I always thought Bali would be great for shopping!!
    The David Lawrence dress is gorgeous how perfect for summer/work!
    Foundations - It really depends on your skin tone and if its oily or dry ect.. Im currently using MAC but I've also loved Estee Lauder (This is my close 2nd at the moment) But'll find when I run out of foundation instead of just running back to the MAC store I'll have a look around! Go to Myer or Djs and grab some samples :)

    1. Yeah I think that sounds like the right idea Hol. I won't know unless I trial. I wouldn't mind giving the MAC foundation a go, I've heard good things :)