Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Seasons are a changin'

Well talk about a let down for Grand Final day! The game was just so ... I dunno, disappointing. (Although I know a few of you think footy is a yawn to begin with anyway!).. nothing exciting really happened. I was happy that the Hawks won, only because Freo were getting to smart for their own good! 

Meanwhile Melbourne's wind is going cray cray on us. Debris just seems to be flying around everywhere not to mention pelting rain that just makes me wonder why I even bother making my hair perfecto in the morning. I end up just tackling with my hair to stay out of my face and not stick to my lipgloss haha I guess the wind is a sign that the seasons are changing which is a good thing, I feel like this winter has totally dragged. I think the limited day light annoys me most. 

Anywho I must be getting old, just rambling about the weather! 

Last Friday night I went to Highpoint with Rhi (aka the bomb diggity -- just for you Rhi haha) after work. She totally convinced me (well didn't have to convince me at all really) after mentioning Tutti Frutti frozen yoghurt. Umm yeahhh I'm going haha.. I love that place, never gets old! Anywho after snacking up (one needs their energy to shop, as Mez and I know) we wandered around Highpoint sussing out some bargins. DJ's had buy 3 OPI item and receive the 3rd free, and can you believe this, but I passed! Rhi was all over that shiz though! I was proud of myself that I held back hehe. And we did go into review and later on I tried on some really cute dresses but walked out thinking a new dress, is it really needed?!

We did spray a whole heap of perfumes while we were in DJ's. I really do want a new smell, and I think I found one after our shopping expedition. But the problem is I can't remember which one I sprayed! So annoying! 

By Sunday afternoon the Review dress and perfume were just playing on my mind, so I ended up in Myer intoxicating myself in perfume (I think I have narrowed down what it COULD be) and playing dress ups in Review. I found this dress and before I knew it I was at the counter making the sale! I love Review dresses, so feminine and flattering. 

I actually have a few things coming up in the next few weeks which is good, but at the same time its hard to juggle with my studies. My exam is at the end of the month thank goodness, not that I'm ready to sit it, but at least once its done I can go back to normal again! I'm at the point were I could move out again by the end of the year, but at the same time I still have studying to go, and I kind of think maybe I should just stay here and get it done without any distractions. I'm struggling so badly at the moment though, and I thought I'd be better after my holiday but its just got worse. The travelling to and from work is really getting to me now and I especially miss having my own space and being totally independent. Everyone keeps telling me its only a year, you can stick it out bla bla bla. In my mind I know its not that long, but for some reason I'm just finding it really tough. Maybe I just have to ride out this period out for a bit and then see how I go in a month or so. How do you guys stay motivated to keep on track with goals? Maybe I need a few pointers! 


  1. How long do you have to travel for work? In hindsight, a year is only a year but you never know what's going to happen! I always found that when it was exam period my life was more stressful then it had to be. Just the dreaded cloud over my head knowing about exams or assignments used to make me feel sick! Although I found exams better because I knew there wans't a "Due date" as such. Assignments used to kill me. I love the whole learning process but it really is stressful! So see how you feel once that comes to an end. Did you used to live by yourself or with Housemates? On a positive, LOVE the dress! I'll have to check out thr review Sale!!!

    In regards to tips about staying motivated - I try and do little things that make me feel happy because when i'm happy(ish) and try and be positive, that's when I have motivation. If I let myself feel flat - there's nothing in the world to help me keep "motivated" lol. If that makes sense.

    Hope you are feeling better once everything calms down though xx

    1. Heyyyyy KK!

      Travel is two hour door to door- sounds ridiculous when I tell people! No wonder I'm tired. That's 4 hours a day how stupid does that sound!

      I really do want to try and stick it out and move and start a fresh. It will probably be best for me in the long run. I have lived with both housemates and by myself - but think I'm at that age where housemates could be a bit of a drag.

      Yeah day light savings has kicked in so hopefully everything looks up! Have set myself a few goals that aren't out of reach by the end of the year. Hopefully I can get there! X

      Ps- so true about what u said about feeling flat and how it keeps you down. Think that can be my problem when I'm stuck in a rut!

  2. Kitty!!!!

    I am proud of you not buying OPI, not like you at all!!

    I get what you mean with living with others :| I have only been with my brother since August and I feel so not at home there. Hang in there! Easier to said than done I know! :(


  3. I miss shopping with you :( maybe I should come back to work just so we can shop haha.